Get up and running Zentral on Google Cloud Platform — Chapter 2

Stage 3 — Startup the Zentral server

We use the GCP admin web interface to open up a terminal session in the browser window, of course in long term to access your instance it’s useful to add a ssh-key and access the server directly from Terminal.

apt-get upgrades..
in progress…
apt install asks for specific update Kibana here
now an ElasticSearch update…
sudo systemctl restart elasticsearch 
sudo systemctl restart kibana
sudo /home/zentral/app/utils/ henry

Stage 4— Setup Kibana read from “zentral-events” ElasticSearch index

We want to see and discover all the events Zentral stores into a ElasticSearch index. Right now this step has to be performed manually — as time of this writing we don’t know ElasticSearch/Kibana APIs to allow to run automated.

Kibana index pattern setup
Kibana time filtered field setup
Create index pattern

Stage 5— Enable second factor for login

In case you like to limit the access to Zentral with two factor authentication‎ we provide some options. Out of the box you can use a second factor for authentication:

Setup Time-based One-Time Password

In the user setting go to “verification devices”. Note you can setup multiple methods here for a single user account.

  1. Select the Verification device type.

YubiKey setup

Alternatively you can use a YubiKey as U2F device. But this will only work well in supported browsers (so no Safari supported).
Right now supported browsers are Chrome 63.x or later & Firefox 57.x or later

  1. Set a device name
  2. Touch the YubiKey
  3. Now you should see already your entry. Zentral 2FA now works with your YubiKey :-)
YubiKey setup

Wrap up

This is the end of our second chapter. We have managed to get Zentral up and running on GCP (or AWS). We’ve setup Kibana index and see how simple 2FA can work with Zentral. As next move we can dive into Chapter 3 to learn more about process inspection, Prometheus 2.0 and the base.yml configuration in Zentral.



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